A bit of Ocean Fresh History

Where the great redwood forests of Northern California march to the sea, Noyo Harbor has grown from an 1850's lumber port to a modern-day fishing village serving more than 200 commercial boats. It was here in 1985 that sea urchins became recognized as a valuable economic resource for the Northern California fishing industry. In that year, Ocean Fresh Seafood Products was first established in Noyo Harbor. Today, Ocean Fresh Seafood Products is the dominant sea urchin producer in the area. The company was started by two brothers, Robert S. Juntz and Vernon Blake Juntz, who had been successful sea urchin divers in Southern California. Moving to the North Coast in 1985, they quickly saw the advantage of opening a sea urchin processing plant in Noyo Harbor to pack and air-freight fresh uni for the Japanese market. Six years later they acquired a major competitor, forming Marusan Enterprises, Incorporated. The company is poised for new growth in production, processing and marketing.

The company, solidly capitalized and tightly organized, is exploring practical possibilities - from "farming" sea urchin stock in ocean pens to uncovering new markets along the Pacific Rim.

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